Erin Go Bragh: One Woman’s Tale of Food & Festivities

-Written by Annella Morris

There are few things for certain that you can count on when my group of friends gather together: good times, great conversation and amazing food!  When it comes to food, we all generally take turns making a main dish, and while it is not a competition, we never want to disappoint.  This past weekend we all got together to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little early, and after seeing the KTVB segment featuring The Double R Ranch Corned Beef, I knew this was the recipe I  wanted to share with my friends.   It seemed like the perfect opportunity to show off a great recipe and get everyone in the mood for St. Patty’s, so with recipe in hand, I set out to make what I hoped would be the perfect dinner for my good friends.

I took to the store with my shopping list, and while I have never been one to follow a recipe and when I downloaded this one and saw it had horseradish and onions in it, I wasn’t sure if I could do it.  Anyone who knows me, knows my disdain for onions, but I was determined to make this corned beef look as good as it did on TV, so with some reservation, I picked up those little green onions and tossed them in my cart.  With all the goods purchased, a group invitation email went out and everyone had sent in an RSVP.  That is a lot of corned beef, my friends!

Prepped and ready for the oven...

I spent all day Saturday cooking.  The savory smells of corned beef roasting in spices and garlic filled my home and made my whole family ask, “What’s for dinner”?  While the corned beef was roasting, I prepped the potatoes and cabbage, covering them in the horseradish, butter and onion combo (yes, against my better judgment I added the onions- I had to follow the recipe after all).  If the dinner would taste as good as my house smelled, it was going to be a hit!

...Ready for dinner!

Everyone commented on how wonderful it smelled and how they’d been looking forward to dinner all week.  My dear friend Cathy even told us she was not the biggest fan of corned beef, but after seeing the recipe, had been waiting all day to try it.  Everything came out of the oven looking delicious, even those little green onions covering the potatoes looked scrumptious enough for me to enjoy!   We all filled our plates with tender corned beef and horseradish potatoes and cabbage.  Everything was amazing!  And while she may not be a corned beef convert, Cathy even said this was the best corned beef she’d ever had.  This is the comment I heard most when serving this recipe, “I don’t even like corned beef, but I liked this.”

Everyone enjoyed the dinner and could not say enough about how amazing everything tasted.  We truly enjoyed an evening full of Irish blessings:  good company, amazingly tender Double R Ranch Co. corned beef and perfectly roasted potatoes and cabbage. There was even enough for leftovers, and everyone got to take home corned beef for the next day.  The dinner party was a success!  The day of cooking on Saturday had proven to be well worth it.  I felt great about the dinner knowing everyone had enjoyed it.  And to top it all off, Sunday morning I got a text from one of my friends that said, “We just enjoyed the best corned beef hash we’ve ever had, thank you so much for everything, it was amazing!”

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