I would like to say that every week night I enthusiastically march home upon leaving the office and create phenomenol home cooked meals and that weekends include visitng the local farmer’s market followed with dinner parties that turn my dining room into gourmet central.  The reality is that while these instances sometimes occur, I also have become an expert in supporting the neighborhood restaurants in close proximity of our home.  Fortunately, I think I found balance between enjoying my range at home and food prepared by chefs at local restaurants.

This last summer I spent an immense amount of time with chefs spanning from Denver to the Napa Valley that were dedicated to their craft.  Their enthusiasm was rather infectious and I found myself actively discovering new cookbooks and following more food blogs then ever before.   In the end, I remembered how simple cooking can be with the right ingredients, and that somehow my lifestyle had made cooking a chore.  During my life on a working cattle ranch, I had prepared meals almost every day and I even planted my own vegetable garden and small fruit orchard.  The exposure to wonderful chefs across the world and the grind of business school and a career somehow made me lose site that a “home” kitchen is a place of connecting with friends, family and even yourself.    Restaurants are wonderful, but as with everything, we need balance.

The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Napa Valley

On our journey to build our culinary data base for, I ultimately gained confidence preparing home cooked dishes in my kitchen again.   My friends and colleagues actually ask me culinary questions instead of just restaurant recommendations.  My favorite culinary technique is extremely simple.  It is called the Steakhouse Style or skillet-to-oven cooking method and it basically requires a cast iron skillet, stove top and oven, seasonings-like smoked sea salt- and a steak or petite roast .   I learned from great chefs that made the technique very simple.  By following their simple instructions linked below, you can bring restaurant quality steaks to your kitchen as well.  The side dish is up to you, though!

Bon Appetit!

“Steakhouse Style” Video and Step-by-Step Instructions 

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