The Bailey Family: Shana, Allissa, Easton, and Justin

Many organizations speak about the importance of family, but it is actions that speak more loudly than words.  This last week, one of our managers, Shana Bailey, moved  her young family back to the working cattle ranch that her grandfather started in the 1940′s.  Over the years, we have watched Shana grow from a young bride, quite fresh out of college, to an expert in the cattle business as well as an incredible mother to  two children, Easton and Allissa. Although we will her miss her greatly, we respect and admire the choices that led her and her husband, Justin, to set permanent roots at the base of the Blue Mountains, near Pendleton, Oregon.  Shana’s children are now part of the fourth generation on this pristine working cattle ranch.

We are excited for the adventure that this young couple  have set out on.  They embody the characteristics of the family ranchers we admire: integrity, work ethic, and commitment.  We look forward to continuing to work with them as partners in the cattle industry and to follow Justin’s career as a top performance horse trainer.  To follow the adventures of Shana and Justin as they build there working cattle and performance horse operation, visit her heartwarming blog “The Ranch Life”.

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