The Vibrant Green Chocolate Covered Almonds were a hit!

When the idea for the Double R Ranch Co. was born, we truly wanted to impart the piece of our Western culture that revolves around making food a cornerstone of joining together with friends and family.  For those of us with a ranching background, we appreciate the fact that meals are a time to reconnect, not just to refuel.  Although the primary products of Double  R Ranch Co. are premium beef and the necessary accompaniments, this does not mean we do not have an appreciation for all great food.  In general, we love entertaining! 

Much thought is put into each gift

One of my favorite parties each year is the “Annual Girlfiend’s Christmas”.  This party was started five years ago by my glamourous friend Dana to celebrate the friendship of a group of ladies that all live in Boise.  Instead of purchasing gifts for each of our friends for this special holiday, we each are assigned one person.  The gift exchange rules change each year- sometimes we are assigned a specific person, one year we each brought a gift for a needy child, and this year we each brought a gift that was opened by someone other than ourselves and the gift opener than chose who would best like the gift.  The hostesses of the party and the locations changes each year and it is up to the party planners to choose a theme.  The one thing that never changes is the quality of the menu and the extensiveness of the planning.  Girls who literally can not cook, attempt more intricate recipes, or when in doubt, they call great caterers.


Cupcakes can be decorated to match any theme...the wrappers were metaliic red!

 This year’s theme was “Glamour and Glitz”, or something to that effect.  Bar none, it was our most fun party ever.  The women in this group are all independent and intelligent and have families and/or impressive careers and/or sports that take up much of their time, hence it is a BIG deal that we all get together for this great date and we actually dress up.  Not to disappoint this year, one of our co-hostesses, the vibrant Cori, cleared out the living room of her home and brought in a full dance floor, complete with DJ’s, crazy wigs and sunglasses to dress up with, and a “Sugar Bar”.  Just to clarify, the “Sugar Bar” was a buffet set up with a large assortment of sweets, from lime green chocolate covered almonds to sparkly cupcakes.  Yes, early on there was a lovely catered buffet to complement the more formal gift exchange, but the “Sugar Bar” was the hit.  Just give a bunch of ladies that love spending time with each other an immense amount of delectable sugar and provide them with an endless array of eighties tunes and VERY colorful wigs and you now have a great party!

Here are a few things I love about the “Sugar Bar”.  Its simple, you can incorporate desserts that appeal to a wide variety of palates, and you can change the theme to match any party. 

Choose a wide variety of sweets to please all of your guests!

  In our case, it was colorful and had quite a bit of sparkle.  Not to mention, the lollipops were portable and could be enjoyed while grooving (dare I admit there was even “clogging”) on the dance floor.  Here are a few more ideas:

  • Sit down formal dinner-  set up exotic chocolates, like Vosges ( I personally love their exotic chocolate bar AND truffle collection), on beautiful crystal plates and pair with a variety of dessert wines or coffees.                             
  • Southern BBQ dinner/party- place your favorite pies  on varying heights of mismatched cake plates.  Set 10 X 10 baking pans filled with cobblers on the table and a large bowl of sweet whipped cream.
  • Children’s birthday party- set up an old fashioned candy store.  Fill clear jars with colorful traditional candies like flavored striped canes and circular lollipops.  As a gift favor, you can send children home with mini-mason jars filled with cellophane wrapped candy.

The list is endless… be creative!!!!!!

The best thing about the “sugar bar” theme is that the party  attendees tend to mill around and talk.  It is a fun way to spur conversation and enjoy each other’s company!

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  1. Shara says:

    Very cool party–makes me wish I lived in Boise! –Love all the colors–

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