TV Weather Personality, Larry Gebert, with Double R Ranch Co. chef Rebecca Robison, and me at the KTVB Channel 7 studio kitchen

 I thought I knew almost every method to cook the perfect prime rib. Over the spring and summer, I dedicated a substantial amount of time working with some of our industry’s top research chefs in order to determine the best cookery methods to simply prepare each of our beef cuts. Little did I know, we missed one, and it would not be a chef who pointed out our oversight. In fact, I never would have guessed that it would be our local Boise celebrity weather personality, Larry Gebert that would recognize our omission. After all, this is the person I follow every morning to provide me with the information that assists with my daily wardrobe choices (i.e. rain coat vs. sweater, boots vs. sling-back heels), not the person I would expect to turn to for expertise in the kitchen.

Last week, while I was at our local NBC affiliate, KTVB, for Double R Ranch Co.’s feature on the Noon News Culinary Segment, I was surprisingly refreshed to observe the interest level of the reporters regarding cooking, specifically preparing beef. During an off camera conversation, Larry Gebert stunned me with his knowledge about breeds of cattle and how to properly feed and graze them. His questions and answers were extremely insightful and it is obvious that he is truly interested in the knowledge he gathers by conducting an immense amount of interviews at events throughout the Treasure Valley.

For those of you who only associate the word rotisserie with the roasted chicken typically found in supermarkets’ deli departments, you might be surprised to know that it is actually a traditional method of cooking that uses a “spit” or “rod” and a heat source, like a barbecue or an oven, to prepare various types of meats. As Larry clearly explained to me, this method allows a roast to baste in its own juices, thus creating a perfect cooking solution for well marbled prime rib. He further explained that he uses the same ingredients we recommend, like salt and pepper, although he does add a few other seasonings. I have made a special request of Larry asking him to prepare one of our ribeye roasts in his rotisserie oven using his personal recipe. I anxiously await his opinion, but I beg that he keeps his day job at KTVB so his fans can continue to follow his interesting whereabouts on the air and at Where’s Larry, and my wardrobe choices continue to stay in sync with the weather! 


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