The Viking Store at Kimball- a cook's dream!

Cathy Mooers (center) with participants in her beautiful cooking center

 Our goal at the double r ranch co.  is to make cooking enjoyable and simple. Last week Rebecca Robison- our long time food stylist and chef- and I, were invited to present a cooking class at the Viking School in Salt Lake City . Although we have been involved with many culinary classes, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect because this was our first visit to a Viking Cooking School. The class was titled “Everything You Wanted To Know About Meat” and it had been sold out for weeks. Little did I know, this was perhaps the most fun cooking class I have ever been a part of because of the immaculate and modern facilities coupled with the interactive and relaxed format   of the class.

Our dear friend, Jack Ryan, myself, and Rebecca Robison (Double R Ranch Co.)


The Viking Classroom Salt Lake City

The culinary center is managed under the expert guise of Cathy Mooers and her passion for quality food and teaching is evident throughout the facility. I call it a “facility” because it features one classroom and 2 demonstration kitchens, as well as a gift shop that merchandises gourmet accompaniments and cookware (hint to my husband- the Viking knives are divine and would be a great present!). You actually get to prepare the menu using the most modern appliances and cookware- somewhat like test driving the car you always dreamed of. And did I mention, there is a staff cleaning behind you so there never seems to be a mess! Cathy offers a diverse agenda of classes throughout each week and it is evident that her students are there to not only learn, but to have fun. The participants in our class were from all walks of life, but they all shared the common thread of enjoying the art of preparing and savoring foods. The format began with appetizers and wine and a Q and A session, followed by a hands-on course in the main kitchen. Throughout the class we stopped to sample a few of the dishes that we had prepared. The finale was the entrée, side dishes and dessert that we shared in a festive community dining setting.

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