Welcome to theDoubleRRanch.com!

All of us here at the Double R Ranch Co. are pleased to finally share our storefront with you!  This brief excerpt from our first issue of Concho Magazine explains a bit more about the passion behind the storefront:

Increasingly, all of us find our days filled with chaotic schedules and little time for enjoying the company of family and friends. It seems like our relationships have been digitized, compliments of text messages, emails, and social networks. Connecting with friends and family has never been rarer, and therefore more valuable.

In contrast, ranchers still make a habit of sitting down with loved ones and friends to share  the day’s events while enjoying home-made meals. The Double R Ranch Co. family would like to bring a piece of this lifestyle to your home.

To begin with, our beef is hand selected and perfectly aged just for you. In addition, we have searched for the perfect cookware and accompaniments to compliment each meal. Finally, the Double R Ranch Co. family has worked with chefs and experts to answer the culinary questions that often make cooking and entertaining complicated.

We want you to enjoy quality time with your family and friends over a great meal.  Double R Ranch Co. values the relationships that are forged as a result of our Western culture and we wish to share this important part of our heritage with you.

Again, welcome to theDoubleRRanch.com! We hope you will join us regularly on the Concho Blog, and happy shopping!

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